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    Why I created Gift A Song, in a nutshell.

    In 2009, I first said out loud my dream to touch people's hearts with music.

    Since then, I was lucky to create songs with more than 3000 novice songwriters, in team songwriting workshops around the world, from San Francisco to Liverpool to Mumbai. I realized that the outreach I was able to achieve was quite limited, as I wanted to share the beauty of a personalized song with as many people as possible - without sacrificing the intimacy of a song through an automated, soulless process.

    This is why I created Gift A Song, to make the beauty of a personal song available to everyone, independent of your location. With our growing community of songwriters, we accommodate to a variety of musical tastes and languages, and handcraft each and every song to make it perfect for you.

    Thank you for being part of our journey, as a customer, a partner, a songwriter, or a new friend. For any questions, reach out at johannes@getsoundleadership.com

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